One to One

Private one on one meditation coaching is a fast track way to learn and deepen your meditation practice


Meditation Life run regular groups online and in person for beginners and experienced meditators


Online and in person corporate and community workshops covering Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation, and lunch time meditation groups

‘Hi & welcome! I’m Tim

I’m here to support you to explore meditation, access it’s amazing benefits and come home to presence.

Meditation practice supports you to recognise, rest as and explore the felt sense of being within us all, that space of peace and calm, of presence and compassion, that holds all the comings and goings without effort or resistance.

I encourage you to dive into the resources throughout this website and to make contact with me to learn meditation, or to deepen your meditation practice.

Some of the benefits of a regular meditation practice include:

  • Deep self-acceptance as you are
  • Reducing the effects of stress and trauma
  • Reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • Sense of peace and calm
  • Deepening and expanding self-awareness

    Meditation practices:
  • Relaxation
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Inquiry

For those who want to dive deeply into meditation, we love sharing Self-Inquiry practices for returning to and exploring your essential nature.

We welcome the opportunity to support you on your meditation journey!



Simply Be Poem

Simply Be Poem

Sit here, simply sit, simply be No more rushing, no need to strive Now is for being, for resting....resting as your Self Soften, ...settle, ...release, ...invite the calm Open... you're safe You're cradled in a loving embrace An embrace that's always there Your beauty...

Forest Bathing – a Mindful Practice

Forest Bathing – a Mindful Practice

Forest Bathing - a mindful practice with so many benefits! Reading a great book, 'Into the Forest', at the moment. It marries up science with the amazing feelings had after being in nature, exploring it with your senses. It's a really easy read - my sort of book! I've...

When to stop using the word meditate!

When to stop using the word meditate!

FEELING a bit STUCK with your meditation practice! It happens to us all. What works for me as a circuit breaker is to STOP using the word meditate. Let me explain. 🙂 I find the 'stuckness' can sometimes come from bringing expectations into my practice. Perhaps...


“Really enjoyed Tim’s teaching style and his warm character.”

Meditation Group Participant

“More people need to do it. Thank you.”

Rose, Introduction to Mindfulness Participant

“Really enjoyable course. Learnt various mindfulness practices to use at home and work out what resonated the best.”

Tina, Introduction to Mindfulness Participant

“Really enjoyed these sessions. At times due to work constraints have felt I don’t have time to spare to attend session,
but do attend and find I’m more alert and affective afterwards. Thank you Tim!”

Rayissa, Meditation Group Participant

“I love these sessions and have used meditation at home with my son and daughter to help them sleep at night. Thank you so much!”

Andrew, Meditation Group Participant

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