FEELING a bit STUCK with your meditation practice!

It happens to us all. What works for me as a circuit breaker is to STOP using the word meditate. Let me explain. 🙂

I find the ‘stuckness’ can sometimes come from bringing expectations into my practice.

Perhaps you started meditating with no expectations, got amazing results and have found expectations for more benefits have grown over time.

Or perhaps you came to meditation with a long list of expectations to start with.

Doesn’t really matter. If you’ve found yourself a bit stuck with your practice, have a look if you’re coming to your practice with a list of expectations. You’ll be able to tell.

When carrying a bag of expectations into meditation, it can turn into resistance to your experience as it is in the moment, particularly if you don’t feel the effect you want.

Maybe then you start to try harder to meditate and achieve ‘that state’ that everyone’s talking about. Before you know it, you’re constantly judging your practice as either a good practice or not good enough.

These expectations and effort can very subtly get attached to the word meditation or meditate. So when you sit to meditate, expectations may already be building.

(Worth noting – sometimes just knowing you’re about to ‘meditate’, the body and mind can already begin to relax – so this post relates for now to if you’re feeling a bit stuck)

What can you do if you find yourself stuck?

There are so many ways you can change up your practice to support moving through / with expectations. Today I’ll share one of my favourites.

It’s to SIMPLY SIT & BE, not sitting to meditate. Actually letting go of the word meditate! Just sit, or lay down, or walk or ride or run, being you, aware of what’s moving through awareness.

Letting yourself simply BE wherever you are. Simply being doesn’t come with any expectations, so there’s:
– nowhere to get to
– no outcome needed or wanted
– no trying or striving to meditate
– no doing it right or wrong

You can’t have a good or bad practice!


Love to hear how you move with expectation.

Much love, Tim