The leaves drop gently from the gigantic gums.
The birds fly overhead from tree to tree.
I’m surrounded by a chorus of birdlife and their morning chatter.

My page becomes one with the surrounds,
the bugs and leaves adopting it without fuss.
Another leaf slowly twirls its way down,
gravity its guide.

Nature has woken.
The sun now rising in the soft blue sky.
The moon partially visible high above,
a silent witness to the earthly bound.

Such beauty all around.
Everything is a picture.
Life flows, impermanence shows,
as does connectedness.

The fallen leaves lay dormant becoming part of the earths matting.
A part of the woven tapestry, soon to be the very earth they rest on.
Such a sign of the connectedness of all life forms.

My attention moves to one small space of earth,
I see so much life, so much movement, an abundance of nature, all going about what,
simply being with one another and everything else.
Without complaining, bitterness, emotion or craving.
Not ignorant, but caring and aware of all.

I become a part of the surrounds, the trees, ants, birds.
All simply doing what they do, with me in the picture too.

An acceptance, a non-judgement, an allowing,
even deeper than all that, it’s a simple being one with all life,
not resisting, not wishing it was different,
not having to know why or what or who or when or where or how.
A don’t know mind, a simply being mind,
a child like beginners mind that we try to rekindle and live from.
It’s natural for nature. It’s simply the way. Simply being.

Simply allow, simply be without having to know what will come next,
without having to know whether you’re doing it right, without having to know anything.

Not looking for signs, not looking for answers,
just resting aware, not holding on to any thoughts,
allowing the thoughts to come and go. with no care or interest in any of them,
just witnessing them coming and going.

Allowing sensations in the body to come and go,
without needing to know, or follow them,
they are just sensations and you are just aware.

Let yourself rest in not knowing, not needing to know what anything is,
not needing to know why particular thoughts, sensations or emotions are arising,
not needing to label anything, not needing to name anything,
a complete surrender, comfortable not knowing…