About Tim

Meditation never really came into my field of view when I was younger and when I was busy climbing the corporate ladder, if it did I would have quickly dismissed it. I was on a path of being the best I could be, at everything. That path came with some significant suffering when things inevitably didn’t go to plan.

Burnt out at 34, I changed tack and slowly immersed myself in studying Life Coaching and starting a small business. During this time, without having addressed the factors leading to burnout I bottomed out. It felt like there was no way out and in that space of complete not knowing, meditation appeared.

My journey with meditation began and has continued to open and expand, deepen and unfold since.

Meditation opened me to seeing how thoughts and emotions move and flow in me and are a natural part of life. It supported a recognition of the essential inner calm that is within us all and how this silent, calm openness holds all that arises with a tenderness and honouring.

I’m grateful to share with others this wonderful expression of who we are. Meditation is intimate and expansive; it supports us to move with what arises in a more easeful way and to live a fully engaged and vibrant life.

After running several meditation groups casually and part time, teaching meditation full time became a reality in early 2019. I love sharing meditation with my weekly groups, in the community and corporate sector, one-on-one and on retreats. Since late 2018 I have coached student meditation teachers through the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness (ACMM) as they move through their journey to become qualified meditation and mindfulness teachers. It’s an honour to share in their journeys and walk the meditation path with them.

Meditation Qualifications Diploma in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness
Meditation Life supports people to bring meditation into their everyday life, to connect deeply with themselves and find the wisdom that lies within.