Rishikesh Valley, India
Date to be announced

Expressions of Interest Sought

You’re invited to step away from the busyness to immerse yourself in a
adventure amongst the awe-inspiring Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh

Allow yourself to relax into being as you enjoy daily yoga and meditation, evening satsangs and the gorgeous natural surrounds of Rishikesh Valley.

Be fully alive and present as you taste the adventure that Northern India has to offer, from mountain walks, whitewater rafting and sunrise over the Himalayas, to shopping and satsang in Rishikesh!

Over 10 days and nights you’ll be guided to look within and enjoy simply being, through yoga, meditation, satsang and mindful activity. Plus, enjoy all the fun, adrenaline and excitement of outdoor adventure. A magical combination of inner and outer adventure awaits!

Teachings are non-sectarian. Meditations and satsang will be based in mindfulness and self-enquiry of a non-dual nature, supporting you to go deeply within and be open to life as it flows. 

In your bountiful free time, you can soothe away the heat of the day in the mountain stream passing by your room, walk amongst the picturesque surrounding jungle, or you may choose to have an Ayurvedic massage. The peace, tranquility and stillness at Rishikesh Valley is alive in every blade of grass, every drop of water, every smile from staff and every light of the fireflies.

~ Stunning natural environment

~ Ancient and sacred spiritual practices

~ Meditation and yoga

~ Connecting deeply with Self and other like-minded adventurers

Become part of a small supported group both experiencing India and diving into self-enquiry and the joy of simply being.

India offers so much through the depth of culture and spiritual history. Around every corner is an opening to deeper realization.

  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions to support your existing practice
  • Delicious healthy, organic vegetarian meals
  • A gorgeous and relaxing natural environment
  • Free time for exploring the jungle, swimming in the mountain fresh stream or simply relaxing in the amazing surrounds
  • Being looked after by the beautiful team at Rishikesh Valley Eco Resort
  • Mindful low-octane adventure and exploration around Rishikesh
  • The doors are opened to you on this adventure, it is just for you to step through. We’d love to welcome you, it is a beautiful place to go beyond and just be.
  • You are fully supported in a nurturing environment so you can simply relax into being.
  • Ayurveda consultation and massage

Accommodation, Meals and Transfers

  • Dehradun Airport pick up and drop off
  • Special welcome dinner – a chance to meet the group, settle in and familiarize yourself with the surrounds and schedule
  • Indian breakfast and dinner feast for 10 days
  • Beautiful Indian lunch for 9 days
  • Accommodation (single or twin share) at Rishikesh Valley Eco Resort for 10 nights
  • Additional days can be arranged upon request
  • Retreat and meals package commence Sunday 22 September 2019 from 5pm
  • Dietary requirements are accommodated for on request and pre-organised at time of booking
  • Ayurvedic meals tailored to your Dosha for a small additional fee
  • Arrival is on Sunday 22 September 2019 from 11am
  • The Retreat concludes at 10am (after breakfast) Wednesday 2 October 2019, with your departure on the morning/afternoon of 2 October 2019, unless additional days have been organised
  • Safe spring water from the property is available and included

Inner and Outer Adventure

  • Daily morning yoga classes
  • Daily morning and afternoon meditation classes
  • Satsang at Rishikesh Valley on three evenings
  • Satsang at an Ashram in Rishikesh one evening
  • One Ayurvedic Consult / Massage
  • Two spiritual movie nights
  • Final evening dance meditation party
  • Viewing the morning sunrise over the Himalayas
  • 4hr hike down the mountain, providing a glimpse into local village life and stopping for a sumptuous breakfast at a local village house
  • White water rafting on the Ganges
  • Sightseeing and shopping in Rishikesh. The Rishikesh shopping experience is one of the best in India as it’s tailored to the spiritual seeker. Shopping purchases at own expense
  • Visit local temples, including sharing a meal with the Sikhs at the local Gurdwara, a wonderful experience

With our gratitude you’ll also receive a beautiful Gift Package containing:

  • Special ‘presence’ gift on arrival
  • Recordings of all the formal meditation practices you will participate in to support your ongoing practice

Rishikesh Valley Eco Retreat is gorgeously located on a private track amongst the beautiful jungle of Tapovan, with the Helm River flowing through providing a mineral rich swimming experience.

Your eco accommodation will surprise you with its ability to combine back to nature simplicity with elegance. Huts are hermit style and made of jungle grass, wood, mud and clay to support your connection with nature. The huts are separated for privacy, clean, fresh and surrounded by Himalayan foliage enhancing their natural charm.

Each hut contains an en-suite, western style toilet, basin, toiletries, numerous power outlets, clean bedding, towels, housekeeping, mozzie nets and the best luxury of all, a hot and cold running water bucket shower. We love this! For us, this simple convenience speaks volumes about the setting for this retreat. You’re not here for 5-star accommodation, but to get back to nature, to live simply, to live naturally, eating sumptuous organic food, to explore your true Self in meditation, yoga and satsang and to mindfully enjoy the low octane adventure of Rishikesh.


Tim is our certified Teacher of Meditation through the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies (ACHS) and is a member of the Meditation Association of Australia. Tim coaches student meditation teachers with the ACHS around the world, as well as guiding his own meditation groups in Adelaide, Australia.

Tim supports people to bring meditation into their everyday life, to realize Presence and open to the wisdom within. He is also an avid volunteer, supporter of numerous charitable organisations and managed a charitable organization in Adelaide for several years supporting people doing it tough with food relief.

Tim has a 15-year background with meditation and mindfulness. He has written the little book, ‘The Doorway’ From Burnout to Being and now pours his energy into coaching and teaching meditation.


Rashmi Gupta is the founder of a social enterprise started 5 years ago, that helps and encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle through the practice of an holistic yoga regime, that includes authentic ways of performing yoga asana, pranayama and meditation.

Rashmi is a certified yoga teacher from the Yoga alliance RYS 200 & RYS 300 and an approved instructor from Indian Yoga association (QCI).  She has undergone a variety of certified courses & training programs from prestigious institutes and centers of India, including, SVYASA Yoga University Banglore, Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga Delhi, Sivananda, Vipassana Meditation, Kriya Yoga from Ananda Sangha. She holds Masters in Yoga Science (M.Sc) from Jain Vishva Bharati Yoga University.

Rashmi organises free health awareness camps and serves NGOs towards contributing to the healthy society and a healthy nation.

She has conducted many training sessions for a number of multinational organizations including Samsung, Hindustan Unilever and The World Bank Group.


Darren is a keen adventurer, has travelled extensively and was probably the original Mr Fix it.  Having driven across the globe twice, South to North and West to East he brings to the team a light-hearted acceptance of everything cultural. Darren has driven this area many times and knows how to drive safely in India and deal with the inevitable issues that are going to happen in India.

Darren is a long-term meditator and yogi, has studied with various teachers over the years and continues his own practice. He speaks basic Hindi and as such is an amazing connector in India. When travelling Darren’s humour and ability to entertain ensure the trips are memorable.


As a long-term meditator and yogi practitioner with extensive travel experience Lisa brings a deep understanding to the group.  A life and mind essentials approved coach and experienced traveler, Lisa combines meditation practice with actual how to travel India experience. As a former Volunteer with Engineers without Borders living in Nepal her tips for safe travel and understanding of the culture make India a very safe and doable destination.

Lisa has been a huge advocate for everything Ayurveda over the years and is always on hand to share the wisdom that yoga, meditation and Ayurveda can bring to our lives.  Lisa has been running a business for 20 years and will be the on-ground coordinator. 


After spending 15 years studying meditation, philosophy and practicing yoga Anand found himself with a deep desire to get involved in sharing the philosophy of India with the world.  His plan was to establish a quiet retreat centre, nestled on the edge of the jungle that will serve as a place people can be immersed in the wisdom that is India.  Although technically a Hindu, Anand has an amazing understanding of all the major spiritual traditions and seems to effortlessly bring together the practices to their essence.

We are lucky enough to have access to the Rishikesh Valley Retreat Centre and are blessed to have Anand providing satsang.

This is a retreat for you if you practice meditation already and are looking to venture deeper by immersing yourself in a spiritually soaked culture with others on this path. Meditation, yoga and satsang will support your existing practice through enquiry into the self, combined with mindful fun and adventure, India style!

India is one of those must visit Spiritual places but can be daunting the first time, or if travelling alone.  Being with a caring, supportive group who are focused on their own healing can be life changing.  This group is about giving and receiving, each person sharing in a respectful supportive manner contributes positively to everyone’s experience. 

Places are strictly limited to 16 people so be quick to reserve your place.


Pricing includes all retreat inner and outer adventure activities, meals and accommodation.*

> Twin Share Room AUD $2,850

> Single Room AUD $3,250

Early Bird > AUD $350 discount if paid in full by 20 July 2019

10% Discount is $500 deposit paid by 20 July 2019

All prices are landed cost and do not include airfares or Visas, which are to be purchased at attendees expense separately.

* Additional activities other than as stated in the ‘Your Retreat’ section are an extra cost.

* Corbett National Park is an extra cost, if you wish to stay on after the retreat and take a tour led by Lisa Brinkley over 3 days.

Sample Day
:30am Yoga and Meditation
8:00am Free time
8:30am Breakfast
9:15am Free Time / Meditation Practices to support your retreat experience / Outer Adventure component
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Free time to explore – own meditation, silent periods, natural pool swim, walk, read, massage, Ayurveda, Adventure component will extend into afternoon some days
5:00pm Meditation
6:00pm Free time / Questions & Commune
6:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Satsang / Spiritual Movie
9:30pm Quiet time until after breakfast next day
Where Are We

Many of us are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM and which has quite a respectful following in the West. Interestingly many are not so familiar with Ayurvedic medicine (“Ayurveda” for short) is one of the oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems on earth developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.  The ancient philosophy of Ayurveda is so named for “life knowledge”: ayur means life, and veda means knowledge. 

The great seers of India came to understand and reveal the deepest truths of human physiology and health through deep meditation and spiritual practices.   These truths and practices were passed down orally until they were compiled and organized into an elaborate system of sacred texts recorded in the Vedas—the world’s oldest existing literature, written in Sanskrit more than 5,000 years ago. By 400 AD, the Ayurvedic texts had been translated into Chinese, and by 700 AD Chinese scholars were studying Ayurveda in India.  Among many other topics, these texts include information on the care, health management, and disease treatment of the animals.

Balance of mind, body, spirit

It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its main goal is to promote good health, not fight disease. But treatments may be geared toward specific health problems. The fundamental root of Ayurveda is the idea that health is the balanced and dynamic integration of environment, body, mind, and spirit. In Ayurveda, it is all connected.

There are five elements in Ayurveda: space, air, fire, water, and earth.  The term “space” refers to what was once called “ether”, and in the ancient philosophies was thought to be prevalent in the heavens but inaccessible to humans.

There are three basic energies that govern the inner and outer environments of movement, transformation, and structure.  These energies are derived from the five elements and are referred to as doshas.  When a dosha becomes out of balance, various physical conditions can result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation > All rooms are available for either twin share of single accommodation and will generally contain two single beds. Bedding is provided, along with a mosquito net for each bed. Mosquitoes are generally out only for a short time in the late afternoon. We recommend bringing some mozzie repellent.

Seating > There are yoga mats, meditation cushions and chairs available for seating during meditation. Seating for meals is either on cushioned mats around a communal area, or on chairs at tables.

Meals > Three nutritious yummy wholesome vegetarian meals are served each day when at the resort, using locally sourced natural ingredients. Gluten and dairy free options are available. You may request a cup of tea, chai, nibu pani and some fruit or vegetables to eat between these times.

The retreat centre is alcohol and drug free.

When in Rishikesh or on an outer adventure the meals will be provided by others. At these times it is important to remember that you are in a developing country and standards of food safety are not yet as good as in the west. When selecting food, it is essential to choose foods that have been freshly cooked. We will be on hand to provide tips on what to eat and how to avoid the common traveler issues.

Water/Ice > The resort has a natural spring on the property and supplies spring water at no extra cost to all retreat participants. When away from the resort, drink bottled water only. There are many different brands readily available, as well as soft drinks and other bottled/canned drinks. Be aware also that the ice put in drinks may not be clean, we recommend that you do not take ice in your drinks. Always brush your teeth with bottled water and rinse your tooth brush in clean water not under the tap.

Phone & Internet > Wifi is available only at the main meals area throughout the day from around breakfast until a few hours after dinner. Wifi is known to drop out or not be available for short periods providing a wonderful opportunity for inner connection. There are no public phones at the retreat. We recommend using WhatsApp, Facebook or Skype over the internet.

Yoga & MeditationThrough meditation and yoga, we rest in our essence, our true nature, whilst being aware of the body, mind, perceptions, thoughts and emotions without attachment or judgement or resistance. This space supports the release of old conditioning and patterned behaviour. Meditation and yoga become a beautiful expression of who you are, practiced from love, intimate and expansive, a continual coming home. At a world level you are drawn to share from your essence and are opened to your connection with others and your surrounds, supporting you to live fully, live from awareness and enjoy the adventure! At a human level, meditation and yoga promote relaxation, healing and connection, enhancing your overall well-being and relationships.

Yoga & Meditation Space > can be seen in the photos on the website and is a beautiful open air space surrounded by nature and eco huts, providing a tranquil setting for meditation, contemplation and yoga.

Laundry > Laundry is available on-site at the retreat and included at no extra cost at the resort. Be aware that there are no guarantees with Indian laundry and it is wise to leave delicate fabrics and colours at home.

Recreation > The retreat is located at Rishiksh Valley Eco Resort which is located amongst the beautiful jungle of Tapovan. There are many walking trails and several water holes for swimming along the Helm River next to the resort.

Weather/Hat/Sunscreen > The weather in Rishikesh, India at this time of year is warm to hot, from sunny to overcast, with an average temperature of about 33 degC. Take this into consideration and drink plenty of fluids. Wear a hat and use a high UV resistant sunscreen.

Mosquitoes and Monkeys > Try to avoid them altogether and use a good mosquito repellent, even more so in the evenings, light coloured long sleeved loose clothing also helps to keep the mosquitoes away. Perfumes and sweet scents attract mosquitoes. Malaria is prevalent in India. Mosquitoes also carry a range of other diseases including Dengue fever and Japanese Encephalitis. Always wear long clothing, light shirts and pants at night to avoid getting bitten.

Monkeys are prevalent around temples and public places and must be treated with caution and respect.  Never attempt to feed them as they may carry rabies.  Watch your belongings as they are master snatch and grab enthusiasts and will enter cars or rooms if windows are down or doors are open on the hunt for snacks.

Smoking > The rooms, eating areas, yoga and meditation space are all smoke free areas. There are designated areas where smoking is permitted.

Traffic > The traffic in Rishikesh does not follow strict traffic laws.  Always look all ways when crossing the road and never assume the footpath is for pedestrians. There could be someone coming up the wrong way! Cross the road slowly, move deliberately and consistently. It can best be described as a river in that as an object in the river, the traffic will flow around you. A safe option is to cross behind a local person and go with the flow.

Money > The local currency is Rupees. Check with your bank that you can access money using a Travel Card through various ATMs in Rishikesh. ATMs cannot always be relied upon to be working when you want them, so exchanging some money at the airport before leaving is often a way to ensure you will have some cash when needed.

What to Bring > Torch, Clothing for both hot weather and wet weather protection (just in case), Comfortable clothing for yoga and meditation, Walking boots/shoes, Thick socks, Camera, Small backpack for day trips, Bathers, Towel, Hat, Water bottle, Toiletries, Alarm, Sunscreen, Mosquito repellent, Journal and pen.

Airport Transfers > Will be arranged with you once all bookings are confirmed. Transfers will be in several groups subject to numbers arriving.

Contact Details > If you have any questions we haven’t answered, just send us an email at support@beeyondretreats.com.

Cancellation Policy > Should you cancel your booking with eight (8) weeks or more notice prior to the retreat commencing, the full fee is refundable.

With less than eight (8) weeks notice, there is no refund, the full fee is forfeited.

Should Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd cancel the retreat prior to its commencement for any reason a full refund will apply for the cost of the retreat only. It is your responsibility to take out Travel Insurance for your flights, accommodation, personal belongings and well-being.

Booking Details > Bookings are made by first Applying by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button on the Home Page. You will be taken to an Application Form to complete and Submit to us. Participant safety and well-being is of paramount importance to us. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours to let you know if your application is accepted, or if we have more questions. If your application is accepted then we’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the full amount. All payments are required in full no later than Sunday 11 August 2019.

Refunds > Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd aim to provide a quality supported space for self exploration and adventure, no refunds are available if you aren’t satisfied with a retreat or found it didn’t meet your expectations. We encourage you to contact us to ask any questions beforehand if there’s anything you’re unsure of.

Terms & Conditions
  • Retreat participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the retreat.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately covered by Travel Insurance for Medical, Hospital, Emergency Retrieval, Personal Accident & Injury, Cancellation, Flights, Accommodation and Personal Belongings.  Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd and its associates will not accept financial liability for such expenses if they should arise.
  • The retreat participant agrees not to bring or keep any pets in the retreat centre.
  • The retreat participant agrees to refrain from playing loud music or loud musical instruments while at the retreat. There will be an opportunity to share your music on the last evening during and after the dancing meditation, subject to prior organisation with retreat hosts.
  • The retreat participant agrees to vacate the premises if the hosts deem it necessary to terminate the retreat, especially if it is considered that the integrity of the retreat centre is being compromised in any way.
  • It is mandatory for all participants to have a working internet able mobile phone while in retreat and the surrounding areas for safety and emergency reasons. The mobile phone can be switched off during the retreat but must be available for use when needed.
  • Information provided by the applicant and in any subsequent communications is treated as confidential.  Details will not be revealed to any third party without the express approval of the applicant.
  • Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any consequential loss, consequential damages, indirect loss, or loss of anticipated profits incurred by the retreat participant as a result of any omission or action by Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd or its employees, contractors, sub-contractors or associates.
  • If Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd is prevented from undertaking the retreat due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd and its associates shall not be liable for it’s obligations whilst the circumstances persist and may elect to cancel the retreat without liability.
  • Should Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd cancel the retreat prior to its commencement for any reason a full refund will apply for the cost of the retreat only.
  • Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd and it’s associates exclude all liability in respect of services delivered by them to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  • Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd reserves the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time. Such updated terms and conditions will be published on the Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd website and issued to retreat participants and shall supersede all terms and conditions previously issued by Beeyond Spiritual Travel Pty Ltd.
  • The validity and operation of this agreement for service is governed by the laws in force in South Australia, Australia.
Corbett National Park

After the retreat there will be the opportunity for a small group of very brave travelers to spend a few days in Corbett National park. Jim Corbett National Park (Corbett as commonly known) is a well-known National Park that captures the fascination of all who visit because of its exotic natural surroundings and enormity of wildness.  The Dhikala Zone enriched with pristine natural beauty is open at this time of the year and a trip to India would not be complete without taking a safari to view Tigers in the wild.

Corbett National Park 

Providing the chance to share an exploration of the mysteries of life in one of the most magical places on earth.

These journeys are so much more than on opportunity to explore ancient wisdom and forgotten civilizations. They provide an opportunity to explore ourselves on every level, starting with our thought patterns, beliefs, actions and fears.  Journey will be life changing in every sense of the word.

We know that this will be a moment in time that will change your world and your outlook upon it forever.

It is impossible to travel in a developing nation without opening your eyes and touching your heart in so many ways.