Meditation is a beautiful expression of who you are!

It’s simple and yet sometimes doesn’t feel easy. That’s OK! We guide and teach by bringing a welcoming compassionate approach to practice. Holding what arises lightly, with kindness and ease. With a sense of, ‘it’s OK to feel how you feel’, however that might be. We welcome all the sensations, thoughts and emotions to be as they are, including judgment and resistance. Allowing it all to be held and observed with compassion and wholeness.

Meditation then is a coming home, a resting back in deep acceptance, as your true self, moving in love. The aliveness, sense of being, or presence, that is you aware of your experience. Here, there is a simple observing, or awareness of what arises, flows and disappears. Presence.

Aware presence is actually never missing, but sometimes feels that way. At those times when it feels missing, there’s an identification with the world of thoughts, emotions, perceptions and doing. And that’s OK, thoughts, emotions and perceptions are an expression of life, not something wrong needing to be fixed or made different.

Meditation is a holding of what arises, comes and goes in loving awareness and resting back as the loving awareness that you already are. What arises in meditation is there ‘for you’, supporting you in being present and aware, alive to what is. From this space, you are your own best teacher and guide and insights and inner wisdom flows.

Meditation opens you to endless possibility.

Slow down, be still, simply Be.


One to One

Private one on one meditation coaching is a fast track way to learn and deepen your meditation practice


Meditation Life run regular groups online and in-person for beginners and experienced meditators


Online and in-person corporate and community workshops covering Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation, and lunch time meditation groups