Forest Bathing – a mindful practice with so many benefits!

Reading a great book, ‘Into the Forest’, at the moment. It marries up science with the amazing feelings had after being in nature, exploring it with your senses. It’s a really easy read – my sort of book!

I’ve always loved being close to nature. As a kid we lived near the beach and I’d spend most days after school and on weekends there. It didn’t matter the weather, there was always something exciting to do. One of my favourite things was simply laying back in a bed of seaweed! So soft, so smelly. Laying back in the seaweed all your senses came to life.

Forest bathing is like when I was a kid, it’s using all your senses and ‘bathing’ in the natural surrounds. Listening to the sounds of nature, savoring the smells, taking your time to feel the trees, the soil or grass under your feet, noticing the different colours, textures, shades of light. Simply being with nature, letting it in.

It’s been proven to boost the immune system, decrease anxiety, depression and anger, increase energy and decrease stress. Not bad, just for going for a walk and opening up the senses.

Or you can lay in a bed of seaweed! I’d be there with you.